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Homework 2 – Test Case Crea±on Using the following piece of pseudocode below that assumes that all variables have been properly declared. Provide 3 unique test cases that would help to validate the algorithm. Be sure to place the three test cases in a table showing the input values, and expected output for each input. Also, run your code three times with the three sets of inputs from your test table and include screen captures of the code and outputs from all three runs. Write "Enter the price in dollars:" Input Price Write "Enter state sales tax(e.g. .06) :" Input SalesTax Set Price = Price + (Price * SalesTax) Write "Price with Tax is" + Price Also show one example of conducting what is known as a deskcheck. A deskcheck is when you pretend you are the compiler and you track all input and/or output and/or execution that happens line by line in your code. Deskchecks can be done for pseudocode, or C or Java, or any code written in any language. Deskchecks help you to know if your code will work before you ever run it. See the example deskcheck below and create the same type

CMIS 102-Homework #3 PROGRAM DESCRIPTION This program will allow a user to enter student names and final grades from their courses. The program will not have a set number of students entered, nor will it have a set number of courses entered. The program will calculate the grade point average (GPA) of each student based on each of their final grades. It will also output the student name along with the GPA. As an additional feature, the program will also output a statement to the student that if they receive over a 3.0 for the semester, they are on the Dean’s List. In creating this program, the following rules will apply: 1. Each student will be entered as a name. These names will be strings and will not hold a value. 2. There are 5 options for grades that each student will be given. Their names and values will be entered as A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, and F=0. The grades will be input as integers. ANALYSIS The program design will have two parts to calculate the GPA based off of the inputted grades for each student. LOOP FOR STUDENT NAME AND GRADES INPUTTED The first part will have the user enter the student name as a string, and then enter the grades the student received for his or her courses. There will be a sentinel controlled loop to run the calculations for the GPA based on the grades entered. Because the program will not have a preset number of students entered nor a present number of courses entered for each student, the program must be given a preset value to enter to end the loop. This is going to be a

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