Cosmetic Account Coordinator Cover Letter

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  1. Account Manager Cover Letter Sample
  2. Account Manager Cover Letter (Text Format)

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1. Account Manager Cover Letter Sample

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2. Account Manager Cover Letter (Text Format)

Eric Hatcherson

Valley Tech, Inc.

3028 West 104 St,

Cleveland, OH, 44106


Dear Mr. Hatcherson,

I am very interested in the Account Manager role at Valley Tech. After reading through the job responsibilities, I believe my expertise and experience position me as a perfect candidate for this role. I have at least ten years of experience in sales and consulting, proving my qualifications and background.

I have worked in sales early in my career, and am knowledgeable in customer-relationship management, sales quota, identifying consumer needs, and conducting quarterly reports. With this background, I am well-experienced in attracting new clients, negotiating agreements, and giving presentations to prospective customers. I made sure I provided excellent service for the best experiences for my clients. In addition, my effective communication and negotiation skills have allowed me to close deals with clients very efficiently, hitting quarterly quotas and exceeding sales regularly.

As a previous Consultant at Legal Genius, I have had experience working with multiple clients and projects at once. It was my job to make sure I developed a strong relationship with my clients, ensuring I understood their needs and was able to negotiate any arrangement. On a regular basis, I manage my client requests, design new marketing strategies and proposals, and facilitate communication on my team. I have been trained in understanding my clients and their businesses very well, addressing their problems by proposing unique and innovative solutions. My role as a Consultant has proven my effective verbal and written communication skills with clients, ability to maintain client relationships, and capability in generating effective solutions on strict time-constraints.

With all the roles I have held, I have developed strong relationships with my clients and regularly exceeded quotas. My ambitious attitude and dedication, along with my trained business background, has allowed me to close deals effectively and manage my client relationships very well. I believe my past clients and associates will be happy to speak on my accomplished performance. With my outstanding skills an experience, I am committed to bringing the best for Valley Tech.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to discussing this further at an interview.


Your Name

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I applied through a job search website. This one was a little different because applicants were instructed to send their resume directly to an email address, instead of going through a 3rd party portal. I got a response right away. I think that is great because an actual human is evaluating your resume instead of a computer. I am positive a lot of qualified people never get an interview because they can't get past the electronic filters.

I was interviewed by someone from the company. She was very pleasant. It was your typical scripted phone screen.
Tell me about your strengths, weaknesses, typical current work day.
Tell me about a time when you recruited someone, you were most proud of an accomplishment.
Why do you think Estee Lauder exists?

This position is part of a team of two other people who manage approximately 10 counters within a territory. This role is the lowest level in the team. It pays $19 per hour (not a salaried position) in my region. I was told this is an entry level position that will lead to a career path in the company.
Overall it was a good experience. The person who interviewed me was very kind and it was the most comfortable I have felt in an interview in a long time. I spent a lot of time preparing for this interview. I felt like I gave well thought out answers that would show them I could do this job effectively.

At the end of the interview I was told that my resume and the results of the phone screen would be passed on to the people who do the next round of interviews. If they liked what they saw, they would call me. I felt like I wasn't going to get to the next round because in my experience, the person who does the phone screen usually asks you when you are available for the next interview right then and there.
When the interviewer told me she would pass my info on I knew I wasn't going to get to the next step.
They sent out a rejection email a few days later. Also, the job was re-posted the following week.

Interview Questions

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